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Sure Gel


Sure Gel is designed to remove dirt, restore the shine of the floor finish, and provide non-slip properties according to ASTM D2047 method for slip resistance standards. Floors must be properly finished.

Flooring Types 

For use on all linoleum, vinyl composite tile (VCT), rubber, asphalt, synthetic, terrazzo, hard tile, concrete, sealed wood, and natural stone floors such as marble.



  • Pleasant citrus scent allows for application without harmful or offensive fumes
  • Removes dirt from finished floors and maintains shine
  • Deep cleans and shines unfinished floors such as studded rubber and marble
  • Works with single or dual pad systems to clean and polish without traffic interruption
  • Thick gel form lends itself to small areas, areas such as hospital rooms where a quick turn around is desired, or where impractical to mop

Application Process

1. Squeeze 3 to 5 inches of Sure Gel onto floor.
2. With a Mixed use polishing pad (white with natural fibers weaved throughout), set floor machine over Sure Gel and proceed to burnish floor with machine rotating at 1000-3000 RPMs until gloss is achieved.
3. Once Gloss improvements diminish, repeat process to begin new section.
4. Dust mop when complete as the finished floor will have some dust from the process.
5. An automatic floor scrubber is an optional application method per instruction on bottle, but the scrubber is too slow to burnish correctly.